N Zone embroidery and screenprinting
N Zone embroidery and screenprinting


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Who We Are

1995: Basement Beginnings & A Founding Principle 

We started with four salvaged desks in the basement of a three bedroom house in Manhattan, KS. Four people with a goal to be different in how we served our customers. No gimmicks. No shameless promotions. Straightforward service in an under-served world. Pretty simple. We called on our very first client with borrowed samples folded in a cardboard box before we even had business cards printed. Within months we had expanded beyond the house to our first office space and then to a small production space by the close of our second year.

As our customer base grew we continued to hear that the primary reason our customers chose us over and over was because we continually and consistently honored our word.

Anyone can sell t-shirts, sure, but not everyone delivered the way we did. This revelation of what made us different lead to a driving principle that is still with us today. We call it "Products as Promised." Your products are exactly what you ordered or we make it right. Period.

1998: Growth and People

As we moved into our third facility, our staff grew. As our staff grew we learned that the ability to keep the promises we wanted to keep depended on our people. Keeping dependable people meant following a belief that kept them at N Zone: Family, Faith, Factory... in that order.

It's amazing how simple it is to meet deadlines and high quality standards when the same people are here one year after the next. In fact, the average tenure for our staff is over five years--that's longer than most web companies have been in business!

1999: Sent first electronic art proof to client and pushed away from the fax machine.

2000: Landmark Event

Named Top 100 mfg of college apparel by the Collegiate Licensing Company.

2001: Launched first website.

2005: First Decade in Business Ends

N Zone celebrates 10 straight years averaging double-digit growth. We move into our fourth facility.

2010: Online Reinvention

The ability for our customers to search the culmination of our work--our graphics--in a way not being done by any other company is another N Zone difference. Still believe in "Products as Promised", too. And that first customer we visited in 1995? Still a customer!

2013: Celebrated greatest growth in company history. 

With over a century of combined years of experience in the business, our personable approach, in an industry that is heading for automation, is what sets us apart. That and our continued promise to deliver products as promised.