N Zone embroidery and screenprinting
N Zone embroidery and screenprinting


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Screen Print Questions

Q. What resolution should I use for pictures?

A. If you’re sending a photo to us we prefer 300 dpi or higher. This enables us to edit the photo and maintain the highest quality image for the shirts. 

Q. How large can you print my design? 

A. The maximum imprint area size is 14 inches wide and 14 inches tall on both the front and back of the garment. Keep in mind, however, that some youth and juniors shirts are not that big and cannot accommodate a larger image. 

Q. How long does the screen printing last on a shirt

A. As long as you don’t expose your garment to extreme temperatures or chemicals, we would expect the garment to wear our before our print washes out. We recommend that all printed shirts are washed inside-out. 

Q. Do you offer names and numbers to be printed on shirts?

A. Absolutely. To guarantee accuracy we feel it’s best to discuss names/numbers directly with a customer service rep over the phone. Font style, size and the quantity of digits/letters will impact the additional cost. A rough estimate for budget purposes is $0.50 per letter and $1.00 per number for “standard” names and numbers.

Q. Can you print over the zipper on a hoodie?

A. Sometimes. We say this because some zippered garments are flat enough that we can print directly across the zipper. You can discuss the issues with zipper printing with customer service.  

Q. Can I print on the sleeves?

A. Absolutley. Even though we don’t show many sleeve print options in our design gallery we can definitely print sleeves for an additional fee.   

Q. Can my design wrap around the sleeves?

A. Unfortunately, no. Sleeve prints must be small enough to fit on one side or length of a sleeve. 

Q. How do I make a special request for my order? 

The more information the better! There are three simple ways to make special requests with your order - on the graphic template, an e-mail to sales@nzsw.com (please include your order number)

or just call customer service at 800.784.3234


Q. Can I make the garment or names/number colors to match my ink colors? 

A. See “special requests”, above. Also, keep in mind that the materials used to make the names & numbers are different than the inks, which means they catch the light differently and may never be an exact match. There are circumstances where we can mix specific ink colors for additional fees.